This Retro-reflective disc positions on to all the wheels of the pushchair/buggy. The front wheels being the foremost point, are highly visible to traffic the moment light hits the disc as the pushchair/buggy enters into the road. Permanent and secure when fitted. New British innovation and design in the the enhancement of child safety.

Highly reflective, the discs fit easily and securely to the pushchair/buggy. A new innovation enhancing awareness of pushchairs in darkness.   
            Pro-actively improving pushchair visibility in low light situations. Baby carriers are particularly vulnerable from a visibility viewpoint, and, as they enter the road first, it is important that they are highly visible immediately to on-coming traffic, in urban and rural situations. The discs, attached to the front and rear wheels, become highly visible through the spokes or otherwise when light strikes them. This actively enhances visibility, and therefore enhances the safety of the child. Many parents are also drivers who would wish to have advance warning of a pushchair's presence in darkness, whilst driving .